4 Reasons to Become an Apprentice

4 Reasons to Become an Apprentice

An apprenticeship can lead to a rewarding career in the trades.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a system for training new practitioners of a skilled trade with on-the-job training and in-class studies. Apprentices attend classes and learn their trade under the direction of an experienced journeyperson.

The majority of training for an apprentice is done under the supervision of a journeyperson in the skilled trade. The length of an apprenticeship’s journey varies depending on a skilled trade. In most trades, successful completion is determined by completing a Certificate of Qualification (CofQ) exam and become a journeyperson.

How to Become an Apprentice?

To become an apprentice in Ontario, you first must qualify. You must be at least 16 years of age, have legal permission to work in Canada, meet the educational requirements for your chosen trade, and have a sponsor in Ontario. A sponsor can be a single employer or a group of employers, called a sponsor group, such as Trades for Tomorrow.

Reasons to Become an Apprentice

With the growing need for skilled workers in trades, now is a perfect time to consider becoming an apprentice. Continue reading to understand better why an apprenticeship could be the best step for your career.

1. Gain Accredited Qualification

Being an apprentice is an excellent way of gaining an accredited qualification in your trade. When you complete your apprenticeship training, you receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship. Once you have a Certificate of Apprenticeship, you can go for a Certificate of Qualification that can help you get better pay, more job opportunities, and responsibilities.

2. Learn While You Earn

A significant benefit of being an apprentice is earning money while learning your trade from your employer. The average salary for apprentices in Canada is $21.09 per hour.  On top of earning a paycheck, there are also financial aid options to help an apprentice along their journey. More apprentices come out of their apprenticeship debt-free and with a job.

3. Build Up Your Resume

An apprenticeship allows you to build up your skills and experience on your resume. Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you have real-life scenarios and specific skills you’ve developed. Along with your knowledge and skills, you also have recognized qualifications and references to vouch for your work.

4. Gain Hands-On, Job-Specific Skills

About 80% of learning for an apprentice is done on the job, and 20% in the classroom. If you are an experiential learner (someone who learns by doing), an apprenticeship is an ideal situation for you. Learning on the job also allows you to gain job-specific experience. Many universities or college graduates struggle to find work out of school because they don’t have the necessary job skills. Apprentices learn on the job, giving them the experiences and skills needed for a real job.

Take Away

Completing an apprenticeship gives you a head start in a career compared to other university and college programs, leaving you with significant job experience, low to zero debt, and earning a salary as you complete your training. If interested in becoming an apprentice, Trades for Tomorrow can help you get started.