Here are five ways sponsor groups can help apprentices

Here are five ways sponsor groups can help apprentices

Ontario, Canada, has a thriving skilled trades sector that is vital to the economy. However, apprentices in the skilled trades often face numerous challenges, such as lack of access to training, financial barriers, and limited job opportunities. This is where sponsor groups like Trades for Tomorrow can help. Trades for Tomorrow is a non-profit organization that helps skilled trade apprentices in Ontario by providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed.

Check out these five ways sponsor groups like Trades for Tomorrow can support apprentices.

Financial Support

One of the primary ways that Trades for Tomorrow helps apprentices is by providing financial support. Many apprentices face financial barriers when they begin their training, such as the cost of tools, equipment, and training materials. Trades for Tomorrow helps alleviate these pressures by providing new apprentices tools and PPE equipment to get started, along with providing support in finding financial assistance from government grants. Click here to learn more about financial aid options apprentices can apply for.

Mentorship Services

Trades for Tomorrow also offers mentorship services for apprentices. As part of this process, they may be connected with experienced tradespeople who can provide guidance and support during the training process. Apprentices can benefit from mentor guidance when navigating work-related issues and career development.

Promotion of Skilled Trades

In addition to financial support and mentorship services, Trades for Tomorrow works to promote skilled trades for young people in Ontario. Our goal is to provide information about trades and career opportunities to schools and community organizations. As a result, young people in Ontario are made more aware of the benefits of skilled trades and the opportunities available to them.

Job Placement Assistance

Trades for Tomorrow also partners with employers to provide job placement assistance for apprentices. We work directly with employers to identify job opportunities for apprentices and provide support to both parties to ensure a successful apprenticeship.

Access to Training and Education Resources

Another way that Trades for Tomorrow supports apprentices is by providing access to training and education resources. This includes providing access to training materials, workshops, and courses that can help apprentices develop the skills they need to succeed in their chosen trade.


Sponsor groups like Trades for Tomorrow play a vital role in supporting skilled trades apprentices in Ontario. They provide essential resources and support that help apprentices overcome barriers and succeed in their chosen trade. If you are an apprentice in Ontario or are interested in pursuing a career in the skilled trades, check out the resources and services provided by Trades for Tomorrow and other sponsor groups in the province.

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