How to get noticed by employers, if you are serious about your apprenticeship

How to get noticed by employers, if you are serious about your apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a system for training new practitioners of a skilled trade with ongoing job training and in-class studies. Apprenticeships can lead to a rewarding career in the trades. With the growing need for skilled workers in the trades now is a perfect time to consider becoming an apprentice.

If you’re serious about getting an apprenticeship, you’ll want to stand out to potential employers. Here are some helpful tips:

Prepare Your Resume: Create a simple, well-organized resume that highlights your skills, interests, and any relevant experiences. Even if you don’t have much work experience, you still possess valuable skills. Showcase your enthusiasm for the field.

Learn and Research: Study about the industry you’re interested in. Knowing about the job, its requirements, and the company you’re applying to will impress employers during interviews. 

Networking: Connect with professionals in your chosen field. Attend job fairs, workshops, or online events to meet people who can help you find opportunities.

Show Your Skills: In your application highlight your skills or projects you’ve worked on that are related to the apprenticeship you’re interested in pursuing. This could be anything from a school project to a hobby you’re passionate about. Knowing your strengths and skills will help you in communicating to an employer why you would make a great apprentice.

Get Recommendations: Ask teachers, mentors, or anyone who knows you well to write recommendation letters. These can vouch for your character and work ethic.

Apply Widely: Don’t limit yourself to just one company. Apply to multiple apprenticeship programs to increase your chances of getting noticed.

Ace the Interview: When you get an interview, be on time, dress appropriately, and be confident. Practice answering common interview questions so you can impress the employer with your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Be Persistent: Don’t get discouraged by rejection. Keep trying, improving your application, and learning from each experience.

Remember, getting noticed by employers takes effort and determination. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of landing the apprenticeship you’re serious about. Good luck!

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