The Process of Onboarding an Apprentice

The Process of Onboarding an Apprentice

You have hired an apprentice. Now ensure they feel welcome and part of the team.

Onboarding an apprentice is a bit different than hiring a full-time employee. An apprentice is in training. Therefore, their company introduction will be different from someone with years of experience under their belt. If you have hired an apprentice for the first time and their start date is coming soon, our blog will help you.

An Apprentices First Day

As with any new employee, an introduction to the team is essential for an apprentice’s onboarding process. On an apprentice’s first day, they should receive a tour and a chance to speak to other employees to help them get a better understanding of your business. Other procedures to do with apprentices the first day include:

  • Sign a contract – apprentices must have an employment contract. The contract needs to state the pay rate, hours, rules of business, etc. An apprentice should complete a signed contract before signing up for an apprenticeship.
  • Introduction to the role – this could be an apprentice’s first job, and they might not fully understand what their part involves. There are numerous ways to introduce them to their day-to-day duties, including going over the job description, pairing them with a journeyperson, and creating a daily schedule.

Signing Up an Apprentice

An apprentice will need to apply online with the Ontario government for their apprenticeship. The apprentice will sign up for the training at least a week after their initial start date. This time gives the apprentice time to settle in, understand their role, and become familiar with the company. When the government approves the apprentice for their apprenticeship, they will sign an agreement and register with the Ontario College of Trades (changing to Skilled Trades of Ontario).

Final Thoughts

Onboarding for an apprentice is like onboarding a full-time member. However, an apprentice requires training, guidance, and compliance with the ministry to succeed. Bringing on an apprentice is a fantastic way to train a future full-time employee.

How Does Trades for Tomorrow Help?

Whether you are looking into an apprenticeship or an apprentice to start their journey, Trades for Tomorrow can help! Trades for Tomorrow is here to help employers and apprentices complete a successful placement. Find out more about our services on our website.