<strong>Safety First: Insights from BuildSafe’s Susan Carey During Construction Safety Week 2024</strong>

Safety First: Insights from BuildSafe’s Susan Carey During Construction Safety Week 2024

As the construction industry gathers to mark Construction Safety Week 2024, the theme “Value Every Voice” resonates deeply, echoing the ongoing commitment to improving safety standards across the board. To gain a deeper understanding of this year’s focus and the overall safety landscape, we spoke with Susan Carey, President of BuildSafe, an influential figure dedicated to fostering safer construction environments.

Addressing Safety Challenges in the Construction Industry

Susan Carey identifies a critical challenge facing the construction industry—small to mid-size companies often lack the financial resources or designated staff to manage top-tier health and safety programs. “As legislation becomes more robust, it poses a financial hardship for some companies, and there are not enough programs in place to support these small businesses,” Carey explains. Her recommendation is clear: there needs to be more support and accessible resources for these companies to help them meet increasing safety standards without compromising their operational capabilities.

Incorporating the ‘Value Every Voice’ Theme

The 2024 theme of Construction Safety Week, “Value Every Voice,” champions the idea that everyone should participate in and have their perspectives valued within the company’s health and safety programs. Carey recalls instances where site crews were not consulted about safety procedures that were impractical for their specific sites. “If they had valued every voice, an effective safety plan would have developed from the start, saving time and ensuring buy-in from all involved,” she notes. This approach not only enhances safety but also fosters a culture of inclusivity and respect.

Innovations and Technologies Enhancing Safety

BuildSafe has embraced digital transformation to enhance safety management. Partnering with digital safety platforms has allowed BuildSafe to encourage clients to digitize their health and safety programs. “Using a digital platform saves time on administrative costs and helps with documentation, which is essential for proving due diligence,” Carey highlights. She also points out the initial skepticism from clients about digital adoption, which quickly turns to surprise as workers transition smoothly to the new systems.

Fostering a Strong Safety Culture

According to Carey, the strongest safety cultures are found in organizations where health and safety are prioritized at every level, from CEOs to field laborers, and this priority remains unchanged even under tight deadlines. “Leadership plays a major role in setting the standards for high-level health and safety and what they deem as acceptable,” she states. This sets a precedent throughout the organization, reinforcing that safety standards are non-negotiable and integral to the workplace culture.

Looking ahead, Carey is enthusiastic about the role of AI in transforming health and safety training within the construction industry. “I believe we will see big changes in how training takes place with the help of AI,” she predicts. This shift could revolutionize safety training, making it more accessible, efficient, and tailored to individual needs.


As Construction Safety Week 2024 unfolds, the insights from Susan Carey underscore the importance of continuous improvement, inclusivity, and technological integration in the pursuit of a safer construction industry. By valuing every voice and leveraging new technologies, the industry can not only meet current safety standards but also set new benchmarks for the future.

Susan Carey, President
BuildSafe – Construction Safety Services Inc.