Why Women Should Consider a Job in Construction

Why Women Should Consider a Job in Construction

Ontario has a shortage of skilled workers. As this shortage in a primarily male-dominated profession continues, there is a largely untapped market for skilled construction workers – women.

The need to balance childcare and on-site work has been a difficulty in the past for attracting women into construction. Moreover, less job openings, and sexism in some workplaces have made it hard for women to get their foot in the door.

With the foreseen shortage of journeyperson’s in the next ten years, women have now have many reasons to consider a career in construction, such as pay.

However, women who work in the trades note that it takes more than money to get more women into construction. Let’s look further at some of the benefits and why women should consider skilled trades as a career.

Labour Shortage

As older journeypersons retire, there will be a momentous gap in skilled trades workers in the next 5 to 10 years. Above all, this opens up opportunities for higher-paying, more stable jobs for women.

Feeling of Achievement

Women can experience building something from the ground up, receive this feeling of achievement, and develop a passion for building.

Leadership Opportunities

With the shortage of female leaders in construction, there is the opportunity for women to improve their team’s performance, contribute their perspectives, and advance in their careers.

Practical Skills

Skills learned in construction, such as managing, team building, and working with technology, are applicable to other sectors or careers.

Higher Income Potential

Women who work in construction typically earn a higher salary than traditional female-dominated careers, such as administration or childcare.

Final Thoughts

By choosing to pursue a career in the skilled trades, young women are joining the ranks of other women spearheading the industry’s movement. More women considering careers in skilled trades means eliminating some of the challenges women face in the industry.