Careers in Skilled Trades

Careers in Skilled Trades

Careers in construction are in demand. Similarly, there are numerous opportunities for employment in skilled trades throughout the province.

For instance, it is projected that 21% of the workforce plans to retire in the next ten years in the skilled trades. Many of these positions will need to be filled.

Along with a retiring workforce, the construction industry is projected to grow over the next few years because of numerous new infrastructures, utility projects, and the significant demand in residential buildings and renovation.

A career in the skilled trades generally offers good pay, benefits, flexibility, and job security. Continue reading below for these four in-demand careers in skilled trades.

1. HVAC Mechanic/Technician

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) mechanics/technicians install, repair, and overhaul systems related to air quality and temperature control. There is a demand for HVAC Technicians in Ontario.

To become an HVAC Mechanic/Technician, you must complete an apprenticeship and successfully obtain a Certificate of Qualification to work in HVAC or start your own heating/cooling business. However, to work with gas or propane-fired heating/cooling equipment, you must obtain a gas technician certificate.

2. Construction and Maintenance Electrician

The skills of an electrician are important for construction projects, whether industrial, residential, or commercial. Moreover, finding work for an electrician is relatively easy, as the demand is strong for licensed electricians. The median salary for construction and maintenance electricians is $32 per hour.

Typically, construction and maintenance electricians will install, repair, and upgrade electrical wirings, fixtures, and controls for commercial or residential buildings. Moreover, to become a licensed electrician, you must complete an apprenticeship and successfully obtain your Certificate of Qualification.

4. Construction Project Manager

There is a demand for project managers as construction continues to increase. Construction project managers oversee all aspects of new builds or construction projects.

Construction project managers can find employment in residential, industrial, and commercial construction companies. A certificate is not needed for Construction Project Manager. However, experience overseeing projects on construction sites is a requirement.

5. Plumber

The growth in the construction industry is a significant factor in the demand for plumbers. In addition, there are careers available across all construction sectors, from residential to industrial, for plumbers.

Plumbers are a well-paid skilled trade. For instance, licensed, experienced plumbers in Ontario make over $40 per hour.  Like other regulated trades, to become a plumber, you must complete apprenticeship training and pass a certification exam to obtain your license.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many more skilled trades in Ontario. If you are interested in an apprenticeship program, contact Trades for Tomorrow for information.