Looking to Place(309A) Apprentices

Looking to Place(309A) Apprentices

Trades for Tomorrow is a Group Sponsor program managed by the Merit OpenShop Contractors Association of Ontario and funded by the Government of Ontario.

Our goal is to help apprentices complete their training, pass their Certificate of Qualification examinations (where applicable) and become fully licensed Journeypersons. 

We are looking to place 1st to 5th-year apprentices in the Electrician – Construction and Maintenance (309A) trade-in open positions across the province.

Candidates should be driven, focused, and prepared to follow instructions given by their assigned Journeyperson.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship training program and passing the Certificate of Qualification exam, an Electrician – Construction and Maintenance plans, assembles, connects, installs, repairs, inspects, tests, verifies, and maintains electrical systems in various settings (i.e., residential, commercial, institutional, industrial). However, electrical systems include heating, lighting, power, communication, control, security systems, and renewable energy and energy storage systems. An Electrician – Construction and Maintenance also measures, cuts, threads, bends, assembles, and installs conduits, electrical conductor enclosures, and supports.

  • lays out, assembles, installs, repairs, maintains, connects, and/or tests electrical systems
  • plans installations from blueprints, sketches, and specifications, and installs all electrical and electronic devices
  • systematically diagnoses faults in electrical and electronic components, as required
  • measures, cuts, threads, bends, assembles, and installs conduits and other electrical conductor raceways
  • splices and terminates electrical conductors
  • tests electrical and electronic equipment to ensure that they are functioning properly

An Electrician – Construction and Maintenance is one of Canada’s Red Seal Trades.

Job Type: Full-time Apprenticeship

Salary: Determined by the employer

Benefits: Determined by the employer

Apply here, or email [email protected]