Why Should a Company Invest in an Apprentice?

Why Should a Company Invest in an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are a structured form of paid worker training combining on-the-job learning and in-school instruction.

Apprentices fill skills gaps and are cost-effective, allowing businesses more freedom to nurture the next generation of talent.

Therefore, more employers realize the benefits of either hiring an apprentice or encouraging an employee to further their career through an apprenticeship.

Let’s review why a company should invest in apprentices.

1. Provide Skilled Workers for the Future

Training apprentices help provide future talent, which benefits your company long-term when you have skilled workers.

However, having an apprentice also ensures that their skills are developed to match your company’s future needs, which fills skills gaps and allows the business to source future leaders from within.

2. Increase Retention and Staff Loyalty

Investing in employees builds motivated team members committed to your company and supports your business’s missions, vision, and objectives. Apprenticeships encourage employees to consider their job as a career and promote opportunities to grow with your company, which reduces retention and recruitment costs.

3. Increase Company’s Bottom Line

Staff investment positively affects a business’s finances, especially in training apprenticeship staff.

Your business is eligible for government funding for each apprentice your company employees. Investing in apprentices means you do not spend the time recruiting new staff into the business all the time.

Final Thoughts

You should consider apprentices if your business encounters recruitment problems or a skills shortage. Trades for Tomorrow can help with the administrative tasks and recruitment of apprenticeships. Contact us today to learn more!